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Abrasive Wheels

Abrasive Wheels E-Learning Training ensures you are aware of the safe methods of working with abrasive wheels in the workplace. All you need to know about safe abrasive wheel use is within this Abrasive Wheels E-Learning course.

A competent workforce is essential when working with potentially dangerous tools such as abrasive wheels, as it is not only a legal requirement, it also reduces lost time and litigation following any incidents in the workplace. This Course Will Cover 6 categories: The Law, Hazards And Risks Associated With Abrasive Wheels, Functions And Components Of Equipment, Abrasive Wheel Characteristics, Changing Of An Abrasive Wheel And Reducing Risk and explains the importance of safe abrasive wheel use. Correct Abrasive wheel use is so important to you and your employees’ everyday health, especially if you’re using one on a regular basis.

Key concepts covered include:

  • The Law and Legal Requirements.
  • Characteristics of an Abrasive Wheel including grain, grade and structure.
  • Types of Abrasive Wheels including type, labelling and storage.
  • How to change an abrasive wheel.
  • Dealing with risk along with some important Do’s and Dont’s.
  • Details on vibration including calculation, control and reduction.

Online assessment of 16 multiple-choice questions.

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