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Learn more about Safe-T-First Solutions, our courses, our staff and our story.

Company Overview

Our health & safety experts have extensive experience in all industry sectors. We at Safe-T-First see the benefits health & safety training can make, and can ultimately be the difference between success and failure in business.

Today, our multi-award-winning company employs a growing team of experienced staff and empowers businesses, with the skills and knowledge they need, to become more successful.

Our Courses

We know that many organisations are looking for a complete training solution and at Safe-T-First Solutions we are pleased to be able to offer you just that.

Our goal is to help you learn the skills you need to be safer and qualified for your job in your environment at work.

Through bite-sized, clear, 1-5 minute-long video lessons, you’ll learn practical techniques you can apply to your own work today.

Working with accredited material, including examples from industries and common workplace scenarios, you’ll enhance your workflow and be safe and qualified, so you can get clear results quickly in your own work.

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